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Lower your Flesch-Kincaid grade score

myWordCount makes it easy to find and graph the Flesch-Kincaid score of each sentence in your document. Then, just click the colored bar chart to go to the sentences with the highest Flesch-Kincaid score to simplify them. It is writing software that makes your proofreading job easier.

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myWriterTools Proofreading Tools

Besides the proofreading tools to improve grammar and assist the editing and proofreading process, myWriterTools writing software comes with a number of extra features that make your life as a writer or editor easier and more productive. We discuss these extra items below.

The LayoutMenu gives you quick access to common views to help you work on your document. This menu contains functions that are available in regular Word menus, but they are simpler to use here and more accessible.

Normal View: Returns document to the normal, non-Outline, non-Print Layout view.
Outline: Puts document in an outline mode to allow you to easily collapse and expand the document based on the heading styles.
Print Layout: Shows the document exactly as it will appear when printed. The Blue Bookmark flags only show when in Print layout mode.
Reading Layout: (Word 2003 or later) Displays document as two pages across
100%: Puts the document back in 100% zoom mode.
Fit to Window: Expands or shrinks the document to fit in the width of the active window.
One Page: Puts the document in Print Layout mode and resizes it so that it is completely displayed in the window


Document Map: This is a great way to view your document as you are working on it. It lists the topics of your document in a panel at the left, depending on the Heading Style used, usually for Chapter headings. To quickly jump to a chapter or section, simply click on the desired heading in the left panel.

Styles List: When you are getting close to releasing your document or manuscript, you will want to verify that the Word styles have been used correctly but using this view. You can scroll down through the document and see the style set for each line in the panel at the left.


Show Line Numbers: This toggles the display of line numbers in the left margin for each page. This may be useful if you are printing a stylesheet as that references the document by page and line number.


If you need to save your place in your document until later, simply highlight a line in your document and click on the SavePlace icon to insert a special SavePlace bookmark icon in the margin. You can click on the same icon again to go to that line, or, if you close your document, Word will automatically go to that line when you re-open the document. Your writing software is helping you proofread your document.



It is often helpful to be able to mark your document in different places so you can quickly hop back and forth between sections of your work. You can use the regular Word bookmarks to do this, but this bookmark tool makes it a lot easier. Click on the first button to toggle a bookmark, the next two buttons to move to the next or previous bookmark, and the last button to remove all of these bookmarks from your document. You can always set and goto bookmarks no matter what mode you are in, but you will only see the flags when you are in Print layout mode.

There is a backup command in the myWriterTools menu as well as on many of the other screens. It will backup your document to a sub-directory of the current location called /backups and allow you to add comments. Use this feature often to save your changes. This is very useful as you don't have to change the name of your main document or re-open your document after saving to a different name. You can open old backups using this dialog as well.

Create files for each chapter
Each writer, editor and publisher has different rules about how documents should be delivered. Some want books broken into separate files for each chapter; others want one big document. It is usually easier to work with one big document and using Word to combine multiple files into one document is difficult to understand and fraught with problems. myWriterTools has a command (on the Backup dialog) to split your file into multiple files. When you select this option, you will see the following dialog:

It is easy to use. Simply:

1. Indicate the style used for each chapter title, and the heading of the first section in the back material (like the appendix or bibliography).

2. Click on the 'Find Chapters' button. This will find and mark the start and end of each chapter.

3. Click on 'Create Chapter Files'. Your main document will be split into separate files for each chapter. Your original file will be left unchanged and you can continue editing that file.

Reference Websites
The Internet contains a large number of free reference websites that can be of great value to writers. The problem is finding and remembering the sites that are most helpful. You can use the Favorites feature of your browser but that can be cumbersome. myWriterTools comes with a pre-defined set of useful websites that can be accessed from the myWriterTools menu. Select the desired reference to load that website into your browser window. You can go to myWriterTools Settings menu to change this list whenever desired. Writing software should make your life easier.

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Use myWriterTools writing software to help your proofreading to find and fix common grammar and style problems so you can focus on your writing. The built-in style guide will answer all your questions. myWordCount counts words and phrases to help you find overused items, and highlights long sentences and sentences with high Flesch-Kincaid scores that make your writing harder to understand.

Editing or Proofreading?

Make your job easier!!
myWriterTools writing software helps you find and fix common problems as well as produce a professional stylesheet that can accompany your editing changes and remarks. Need help? You can quickly access guidelines from The Chicago Manual of Style. Make your proofreading job easier.

Use myWordCount to count words and phrases and color-code them to help you find overused items. It also tracks the Flesch-Kincaid score and length of each sentence to let you quickly identify hard-to-read sentences.

Improve your writing!
Don't be a bonehead and turn in papers with obvious errors. Use myWriterTools writing software to find and fix those grammar and usage mistakes that Word spellchecking misses. And highlighting the Flesch-Kincaid score for each sentence makes it easier to find those hard-to-read sentences.

Be Gender-Neutral
Remove Sexist Language!
Perfect for manuals and documents that must be gender neutral. This is required for many government publications. Use myWriterTools GenderBender to find and fix improper gender language. More information about running GenderBender to make your writing gender neutral.

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