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myWriterTools writing software has been verified to be free of viruses.




Support - myWriterTools

If you have technical questions, consult the FAQs below, or contact The product contains a complete help system that is accessed from the ? icon in the lower corner of the screens.

This area contains new versions of the myWriterTools programs, documentation and other related programs. Click on the program name and follow the directions to install the selected item.

myWriterTools Documentation. Help file for the complete program. This is also included in the regular download so you do not need to download separately.


myWriterTools Program 1.3. Download program for both myWriterTools and myWriterTools Plus-Editor's Edition. You need to purchase either product to receive the id and license key needed to use all the features. Without purchase and registration, only basic bookmarking and one-touch page layout commands will work. See list of version releases.

Download myWriterTools
Information for Word2007 Users. Click this link for information about running myWriterTools (not myWordCount) on Word2007 and finding problems with the setup of the program on Word2007.
O'Reilly Media Stylesheet. If you have purchased the Editor's Edition and are writing technical books, then you can click on this link to download the styleseet for O'Reilly Media books. This contains their recommended style guidelines as well as an extensive list of technical terms with their correct spelling and capitalization. The readme file contained in the download gives you detailed instructions on how to use this. There is no charge for this download but you must have installed myWriterTools-Plus. See the O'Reilly Author Page for more information about writing books for O'Reilly.

Check out the following information to see if your questions are answered.
1. "Problems with Install"
2. "Where do I get my id and license key?"
3. "Do I have to enter the id/license keywhen installing the software?"
myWriterTools Features
1. "Columns contain fractions instead of checkmarks"
2. "How does the PlaceSaver work?"
Editor Edition Features
1. "I see a new file in my directory with a '.mdb' extension"
2. "I don't see the green 'Add Query' buttons on the myWriterTools toolbar."
3. "How do I create a new stylesheet?"
Problems with MS Word
1. "I have problems opening documents by double-clicking on the file"
Error messages
1. "Run-time error 372. Failed to load control ..."
2. "Error message 'Your document could not be checked for readability statistics.'"
3. "Error message 'Compile error in hidden module' or 'Automation error'"

Full FAQ Answers
General/Install (top)
1. "Problems with Install"
You may have a problem installing the software if you have an anti-Virus or anti-Spyware program running. You may see erratic results such as the database not being updated. Before installing myWriterTools, please disable any of these programs and ideally, close all other programs that are running to minimize the chance of a problem.

2. "Where do I get my id and license key?"
When you buy the software from our site, you will be emailed your id and license key. If you do not receive an email within a few minutes, please check your spam filters to see if our email was blocked. If you still haven't received an email in an hour, please email us at

3. "Do I have to enter the id/license keywhen installing the software?"
No - you can install the software without entering the id/license key. When you run MS Word and click on the myWriterTools toolbar. You will be prompted for the id/license keywhen you run the individual software.

myWriterTools Features (top)
1. "Columns contain fractions instead of checkmarks"
myWriterTools installs a special font, myWriterTools, that is used to display checkboxes and checkmarks in the various tables. If you see fractions like 1/4 or 1/2 in these columns, then the font has not been installed properly, or has been deleted. You may see this immediately after installing the program if you have other programs running. In that case, close other programs and/or reboot your computer. If this font file has been deleted, you should re-install the software. If the fractions still show up, download our font file myWriterTools.ttf and install that font on your computer using the standard Windows font installer that you can access through your control panel.

2. "How does the PlaceSaver work?"
When you are ready to close a document you were reading, position the cursor at the last line you were reading and press the the Placesaver icon in the toolbar. When you reopen the document, the document will scroll to this location and the Placesaver icon will disappear.

Editor Edition Features (top)
1. "I see a new file in my directory with a '.mdb' extension"
If you are using the Plus edition to create style sheets for your documents, you will see a database file created (extension: .mdb) for each document you have created a stylesheet for. This stores all of your style information and must accompany your document if you move them to another directory. It normally has the same name as the Word document file, but with an extension of .mdb.

2. "I don't see the green 'Add Query' buttons on the myWriterTools toolbar."
If you have purchased the Plus edition of the software, you have a feature that allows you to add queries to the author. For these button to display and be active, you must 1) Open/Save your document, 2) Click on the StyleSheet menu item in the myWriterTools menu, 3)Follow the directions on the new stylesheet dialog to set up a new stylesheet database for this document.

3. "How do I create a new stylesheet?"
Each document has its own stylesheet database. When you click on the StyleSheet icon in the myWriterTools toolbar, you will be prompted to create the new database.

Problems with MS Word (top)
1. "I have problems opening documents by double-clicking on the file"
If you experience problems opening documents by double-clicking on the filename, you may have a file association problem.
1. There is a Windows problem in associating word documents (.doc) with the Word program if there are embedded spaces in the filename or path, or path/filenames that are very long. This would include any document placed on the desktop or in the "My Documents" folder. You can reference the Microsoft article at:
that contains tips on solving this problem.
2. There have also been similar problems relating to the use of DDE communication with Word. You can follow the directions contained in the Microsoft article referenced above and check for the option "/DDE" in the association. If you find it in a similar usage as follows:
you may want to delete the "/DDE" and save your changes.
3. If the above doesn't work and double-clicking on a file opens an empty Word document, try to double-click again on the file name and it should open in the Word window.

Error messages (top)
1. "Run-time error 372. Failed to load control ..."
You would normally see this during setup if you have some outdated ocx or dll files.
You might need to install a Microsoft update file that will install newer versions of some of the controls that the program needs. You can find the install package at:

2. "Error message 'Your document could not be checked for readability statistics.'"
When checking on readability statistics, I get a message 'Your document could not be checked for readability statistics. The most common problem is that it contains characters in more than one language. Please set the entire document to English.' This is normally caused by having one or more characters in your document set to another language, even if it appears to be normal English. The readability tools require that the entire document be in one language, English. To fix this,
1. Select entire document using Select All,
2. Select menu Tools/Language/Set Language and select the proper English from the list and press OK.
Run the readability tools again.

3. "Error message 'Compile error in hidden module' or 'Automation error'"
In late 2008, Microsoft changed their security model on how activeX controls are handled. myWriterTools uses activeX controls so Microsoft's changes caused problems with these controls. Depending on how up-to-date your Windows software is concerning Microsoft patches, you may see these errors now. Please go to and download version 1.12 or whatever the latest version is. After installing the new version,you may have to reboot your computer.



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Use myWriterTools writing software to help your proofreading to find and fix common grammar and style problems so you can focus on your writing. The built-in style guide will answer all your questions. myWordCount counts words and phrases to help you find overused items, and highlights long sentences and sentences with high Flesch-Kincaid scores that make your writing harder to understand.

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myWriterTools writing software helps you find and fix common problems as well as produce a professional stylesheet that can accompany your editing changes and remarks. Need help? You can quickly access guidelines from The Chicago Manual of Style. Make your proofreading job easier.

Use myWordCount to count words and phrases and color-code them to help you find overused items. It also tracks the Flesch-Kincaid score and length of each sentence to let you quickly identify hard-to-read sentences.

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Don't be a bonehead and turn in papers with obvious errors. Use myWriterTools writing software to find and fix those grammar and usage mistakes that Word spellchecking misses. And highlighting the Flesch-Kincaid score for each sentence makes it easier to find those hard-to-read sentences.

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