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Using myWriterTools with Word2007

Using Word2007

myWriterTools works with Word 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2007. Most of these versions work exactly the same with the exception of Word2007. This article discusses the main differences and how to find and correct any problems you might have in ensuring that Word2007 will allow myWriterTools to run.

Running myWriterTools after installation

In versions of MS Word prior to 2007, the myWriterTools toolbar shows up directly above the document and is visible all the time. In 2007, you must click on the Add-Ins tab to display all of your add-ins. The myWriterTools will appear in that tab and you can access its full functionality there.


If you run Word2007 and myWriterTools does not show up in Add-Ins tab

Make sure the installation program has completely finished. If there is any doubt, install the program again. If you cannot find the link information to reload the program, go to our website at and go to the Support tab. On that page, select the download link near the top for myWriterTools. This will install the latest version again. Your original Userid and License Key information will still be valid. If you have installed myWriterTools and do not see it in the Add-Ins toolbar, try the following:

1. Reboot your computer after installation finishes. Sometimes this is required to finish the installation process and load the special font.

2. If it still doesn't appear, you need to check out some of the options in Word 2007 that might prevent our application from displaying. myWriterTools is a Word add-in that is contained in a global template (.dot) just in case you are trying to find information elsewhere. Follow the steps below after starting Word.


Step 1: Make sure the myWriterTools template is installed in the correct directories. Press on the Office button in the upper left corner of your Word window to display the Office menu.

Step 2
: In the Office menu, select the Word Options button at the bottom of the menu.

Step 3:
Select the Add-Ins selection tab from the Word Options Menu. This lists the installed add-ins. Note if is listed in the list at the top of the dialog. In the selection box at the bottom of the screen, select Word Add-Ins and click on the Go... button.


Step 4: After pressing the Go... button, the dialog shown below is displayed. The list should contain our file: which should be checked. If it is in the list and is not checked, click on the checkbox and click OK. This should fix the problem. Otherwise, continue with our steps below. The next step would be to click on the Add... button in this dialog to add our template.

Step 5: After clicking the Add... button, the following dialog appears. It should default to the default directory that contains global templates. If you don't see in the list, you may need to click on the list of directories at the top to navigate to the Microsoft/Word/Startup directory to see if the file exists there. Once found, select the template and click on OK. You should return to the previous screen--ensure that there is a checkmark next to


Step 6: If you haven't solved the problem yet, go back to steps 1 and 2, but this time select Trust Center from the menu list. You will see the screen below. Select the Trust Center tab on the left and then click on the Trust Center Settings button.



Step 7:
You can look at Trusted Publishers by clicking on this tab. If you have accepted MiraVista as a trusted publisher, then it will be listed here. It does not have to be listed here for the program to work.


Step 8:
You can click on the Trusted Locations tab to display the list of trusted directories. Normally, you won't have to do anything on this dialog. If nothing else works, you can return to this dialog and make sure that the checkbox is not checked next to "Disable all Trusted Locations."


Step 9: Click on the Add-Ins tab to display this dialog. Try to uncheck the first and last checkbox and try to run Word again.

Last Step: If doing the above does not cause the myWriterTools toolbar to appear, send an email to with the results of the above tests. At the same time, run the myWriterTools Analysis and Repair program from the myWriterTools menu. Select the Analyze button and then choose to send the results to myWriterTools. This will give us some information about the location of the templates on your computer.


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